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Absence by MissMonkeyMam Absence :iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 8 4
Darkness within Light
...It's cold...
...So cold...
...I can feel it crawling...
...And seeping through my body...
...I used to be afraid of the dark...
...It hides so much...
...Especially what we fear...
...And we fear what we don't know...
...And can't see...
...The monsters and beasts hide and thrive off of this darkness...
...I can only remember this darkness...
...And the cold that resides within...
...Does this make me a monster...
...No matter what it makes me...
...It will never change the creature that I am...
...No one could ever look upon me with eyes of kindness...
...I am faced with the piercing glare of disgust and hatred...
...Always armed and ready to strike...
...The fear of the unknown...
...Reflecting in those eyes...
...In the darkness...
...Those eyes can't find me...
...The cold numbs the pain...
...Those eyes have caused...
...Forever I may be alone...
...Longing for the light...
...And the warmth...
...That could erase my pain...
...But that will never be...
:iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 2 9
Saskia Madding Quote by MissMonkeyMam Saskia Madding Quote :iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 23 11 Asking-Begging-Pleading +Twice by MissMonkeyMam Asking-Begging-Pleading +Twice :iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 3 5 Asking-Begging-Pleading +Once by MissMonkeyMam Asking-Begging-Pleading +Once :iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 3 3 Paint Me A Picture by MissMonkeyMam Paint Me A Picture :iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 3 7 -Gift-Hospital Stamp by MissMonkeyMam -Gift-Hospital Stamp :iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 75 9 Rainbow Stamp by MissMonkeyMam Rainbow Stamp :iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 59 35 Otto Waving by MissMonkeyMam Otto Waving :iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 5 13 Dark Tendrils by MissMonkeyMam Dark Tendrils :iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 5 17
.:Painful Reality:.
A lie from the start,
but true in the end.
Simply suffering,
from hope I pretend.
a curse for many.
Stretching solid truth,
with groans a plenty.
Contradictions burn,
singeing faith and trust.
Crushed in an instant,
but live on we must.
Keep burning bridges,
see how far you’ll get.
Only then you’ll know,
how much you regret.
Who will you turn to,
when it all goes wrong.
No one’s there for you,
you’ve known all along.
:iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 3 2
.:My Broken Heart Sings:.
You want to escape,
lie to everyone.
Avoidance can’t erase,
the damage is done.
You say you’re sorry,
and you need to change.
I don’t believe it,
you can’t rearrange.
This isn’t the first,
it’s happened before.
Do you really think,
I want anymore?
Don’t apologize,
to change what occurred.
Actions speak louder,
your words are absurd.
You don’t understand,
why I am this way.
Look at what happened,
and the price you pay.
You think it’s not fair,
you want one more chance.
I won’t trust again,
to let pain enhance.
You wish to go back,
and try to change things.
It would be the same,
my broken heart sings.
:iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 5 7
.:The War:.
Something I go through,
with each step I take.
Disrupting my thoughts,
with so much at stake.
Simple decisions,
turn into a war.
Heart and mind collide,
leaving my soul sore.
My heart might say yes,
my head will say no.
Stuck in the middle,
wandering death row.
Whispers from the heart,
portray who I am.
But where is the truth,
to this heart felt scam.
The mind may be quick,
though not always right.
But my common sense,
will put up a fight.
I’ll try to listen,
and learn what to do.
I need to choose one,
before I fall through.
Once I do decide,
my choice has been made.
But doubt clouds my eyes,
my thoughts start to fade.
Questioning myself,
believing I’m wrong.
Back where I started,
the war starts up strong.
:iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 1 1
.:Optimistically Pessimistic:.
Count your Blessings child, things could be much worse.
I dwell on the wrong, making life a curse.
Practice makes perfect, keep on trying again.
Only to be crushed, so I won’t begin.
Believe in yourself, accept what you are.
Trapped inside my lies, I am lost by far.
Trust in your instincts, they know the way out.
My instincts are gone, washed away by doubt.
Listen to your heart, when all else has failed.
But the silence screams, the beat is derailed.
Don’t lock things within, release what’s inside.
Thoughts safe in my mind, forever I’ll hide.
:iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 10 23
I.T. Round 1: Sireen VS. Delta
Sireen woke with a start and looked around anxiously. She rubbed her eyes and looked around herself once more. She didn’t recognize anything in this, strange, unfamiliar room. An eerie feeling crept slowly through her body, leaving her hands sweaty, and her toes chilled. Her heart raced as panic began to flood her mind. She closed her eyes and hugged her knees to her chest, trying to calm down and remember what had happened the day before. “That’s right,” She whispered as she slowly opened her eyes. “I’m a contestant in a tournament.”
Taking one more look at her surroundings with a slightly calmed mind, she found things that she recognized, mostly. The room was bathed in a cool gray early morning light. In the far corner stood an elegant looking bookshelf, filled with books of a wide variety of sizes and shapes. On the opposite wall were two doors. One was rather large, and the other a bit smaller, but nonetheless, it was still a door. There was a win
:iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 4 25
Immortal Tournament Bio Sheet
Name of OC: Sireen
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Race: Jungle Imp of the Land Tribe
Brief Bio: Sireen is rather small for her age. Like most of her people, she has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Since she is a Jungle Imp, her characteristics take after those of a monkey, but she looks completely human. She is very agile and limber, but not very strong. She uses a flexible wooden staff as a weapon, but mostly she uses her surroundings and agility to her advantage.
Personality Description: Sireen can be rather clever at times, but a little reckless and daring. Because of this, she tends to get in trouble. She used to trust people very easily, but got hurt both physically and mental from trusting the wrong kind of person, and is very wary of trusting anyone again. Still, Sireen will try and do whatever she can if someone is in trouble or needs help. She doesn’t want anyone else to go through what she went through, ever.
Background: Sireen is from a distant planet were the inhabitants th
:iconmissmonkeymam:MissMonkeyMam 1 13

Random Favourites

The Uncontrollable Power by the-blue-fish The Uncontrollable Power :iconthe-blue-fish:the-blue-fish 55 33
All's Fair in Love and War 6
"Can we get a ice cream sundae and a banana split?" Chiro asked the waiter. "Of course good Chiro." Chiro and Jinmay were on a double date with Sprx and Nova. At the time, only Chiro, Antauri and Jinmay know about Sprx and Nova's dating status. They planned to tell Gibson and Otto when they got back. Unfortunately, that was way too soon. "Monkey Team to Chiro. Monkey Team to Chiro." came Antauri's voice through the communicator. "What's up Antauri?" asked Chiro. "A Formless horde is headed for the city. Meet me and the rest of the team at the entrance." "Got it Antauri. Chiro out." The waiter was coming back with the ice cream when Chiro, Jinmay, Sprx, and Nova stood up. "I'm sorry. But we have to go."said Chiro "Duty calls." said Sprx. The waiter was upset but he understood. Chiro went into Hyper Mode and Jinmay went to robot form.
The four of them used their rocket packs to go to the city limit. Monumentous amounts of formless were on motorcylces. "Otto! Evacuate everybody while we k
:iconaquamarineice:AquamarineIce 5 2
All's Fair in Love and War 5
All's Fair in Love and War
The Final Part
A Spova Fanfic
By: AquamarineIce
The monkey team landed the robot and they went to their respective rooms. Nova went to her room and laid down on her bed. She thought about how Sprx had tried to rescue her and it made her love him more. "Nova?" She sat up and wiped the tears from her eyes. Otto stood at the door. "Otto?" She was surprised. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Gibson wants everybody to get checked because the fortress scrambled his sensors." "I'm fine. But thanks Otto." She forced a smile. Luckily, this made him leave. She was not fine. She needed to talk to Sprx.
But before she could:
"Monkey Team! Hogreach!" called Chiro.
They ran to the command center to find Chiro deep in battle with Mandarin. They all ran forward, weapons blazing. "MAGNATINGLER BLAST!" "FLAME FIST FURY!" "MONKEY MIND SCREAM!" "MONKEY FU!" "SPIN SHOCKER!" "SCRITCH SCRATCH DOOM THROWER!" All the attacks hit Mandarin and damaged him to point that a light
:iconaquamarineice:AquamarineIce 6 1
All's Fair in Love and War 4
All's Fair in Love and War
Chapter 4
A Spova fanfic
By: AquamarineIce
"Sprx's jammed signal is coming from a very disturbing place. Skeleton King's fortress." said Gibson grimly.
"I knew you'd take the bait SPRX-77." said a truly evil voice. Skeleton King was standing over Spx and Nova with Mandarin on his shoulder. "Excellent job Mandarin." he said. "Get away from me!" yelled Sprx. "Why would we do that? It's not like you can attack us." said Skeleton King. "We'll see about that!" Sprx tried to activate his magnets, but they didn't respond. 'What the-?" Before Sprx could finish his sentence, Mandarin attacked him. The last thing he heard was "No!" coming from Nova.
When he woke up, he was lying in a cell, much like Novas' "Nova?" he asked. "Yeah?" she answered. "I'm sorry." he said. "What do you have to be sorry for?" she asked. "Everything. Starting with earlier. I wasn't supportive of you and that's why you ran." Sprx-" she tried "Please. Let me finish." he continued.
"The truth is.
:iconaquamarineice:AquamarineIce 5 0
All's Fair in Love and War 3
All's Fair in Love and War
Chapter 3
A Spova fanfic
By: AquamarineIce
Nova heard footsteps outside of her cell. She looked up and saw nothing. "Sprx?"
"Nova? Where are you?" Sprx asked "Over here!" she called. The footsteps quickened and Sprx was outside of her cell in a flash. "Sprx..." she said "Shhhh." he said.
Nova woke with a start. She looked up, expecting to see Sprx in front of her. Alas, no. just the stupid Formless guard. "Oh Sprx....."
"Based on the trajectory of the Fist Rocket, Sprx is in the Zone of Wasted Years." said Gibson. "Then that's where we're going." said Chiro.
"Nova. I'm so sorry." Sprx had tears in his eyes as he flew over the forest that was the Zone of Wasted Years. He felt a sharp pang in his heart as he flew over the Pit of Doom. "Nova?" He landed in a crack right outside the pit.
"He's landed in the Pit of Doom." said Gibson. "Full speed ahead." said Chiro
Sprx activated his magnets as a precaution and jumped into the pit. He gasped. There were Formless e
:iconaquamarineice:AquamarineIce 6 0
All's Fair in Love and War 2
All's Fair in Love and War
Chapter 2
A Spova Fanfic
By: AquamarineIce
A couple hours later......
"Uhhhhh. What hit me?" Sprx asked nobody in particular. He sat up as the memory came flooding back into his mind. "Nova?" he asked the air. But he knew it was pointless. Mandarin had kidnapped her. He struggled to get up. When he finally got his balance, he limped to the command center. "And that is the whole story of biomechanical engineering." Gibson said proudly. Nobody was paying attation to him. They heard Sprx moan and came running towards him. "Sprx? What happened?" asked Chiro. "Mandarin. He-he took Nova." The team gasped. "I tried to stop him." said Sprx weakly. "We need to take him to the sick bay." said Gibson, walking over to the rest of the mokey team. Otto and Chiro got behind Sprx and helped him walk to the sick bay. "Put him on a table." said Gibson when they got there. Chiro and Otto followed orders. "Uhhhh. I-I feel like I got hit with a thousand asteroids." he said weakly
:iconaquamarineice:AquamarineIce 6 0
All's Fair in Love and War 1
All’s Fair in Love and War
Chapter 1
A Spova fanfic
By: AquamarineIce
Rain was coming down like crazy. Nova heard it and sighed. She hated rain almost has much as she hated the cold. She sat on her bed in the Super Robot. She faintly heard Gibson lecturing about biomechanical engineering, but she was too upset to care. It has been three days since I told Sprx (and everybody else) that I was in love with him. Why doesn’t he want to talk to me? She thought. Ever since the Fire of Hate incident, Sprx, instead of being his normal flirtatious self, he acted weird around Nova, like he was afraid to upset her. I’m going to find out what’s going through his mind…..
Sprx sat in his room, annoyed. Why are you such a coward? You’ve talked and flirted with Nova before, why is now any different? Because she told you something that probably isn’t true? Because she told you she loves you? Why can’t you believe her? Is it because you’re afraid she’ll b
:iconaquamarineice:AquamarineIce 7 3
Fun in the Elevator by Son-Neko Fun in the Elevator :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 379 223 Fireworks by Horseluver65 Fireworks :iconhorseluver65:Horseluver65 4 13 WALL-E by Anastas-C WALL-E :iconanastas-c:Anastas-C 50 11 Dr. House by kancle Dr. House :iconkancle:kancle 22 20 Beach by portwinters Beach :iconportwinters:portwinters 1 5 Burton_Characters by DarkMirime Burton_Characters :icondarkmirime:DarkMirime 55 50 SRMTHG 100- The Power Primate by SBG6 SRMTHG 100- The Power Primate :iconsbg6:SBG6 125 18 Demon of The Deep -SRMTHFG by DarkMirime Demon of The Deep -SRMTHFG :icondarkmirime:DarkMirime 146 130 Ashes of Remorse p.39 by SBG6 Ashes of Remorse p.39 :iconsbg6:SBG6 67 30



.:Lady Marian Fitzwater:.
United States
Current Residence: State of Denial
Favourite genre of music: Alternative/Rock/Pop (curse you addictive pop music)
Operating System: Computer (tell me you seen that coming)
MP3 player of choice: I get to choose?!?
Favourite cartoon character: I have to pick one?!? Meany.
Personal Quote: Look with your eyes, not with your butt...

Still Alive

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 11, 2009, 10:31 PM
Yeah, I haven't been on DA in a LONG time.

Sorry to everyone for kind of falling off the edge of the world. ^^;

I have some excuses, but so what. I'll try and be more active. ^^

Peace :heart:




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